| Last Updated:: 19/11/2013

Name of ENVIS Centre:

ENVIS Centre on “Control of Pollution (Water, Air and Noise)”


Host Organisation:

Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB)


Year of establishment:



Activities of the Centre:

1. Distributed Information Centre (DIC): The centre was set up in the year 1983 to act as a network partner of the Environmental Information System (ENVIS). Initially the centre was designated to provide information on air and water pollution. But, it provides data and information on all aspects of environmental pollution.

2. Scanning Journals: The journals received in the CPCB library are scanned for disseminating information internally to its scientific & technical personnel.

3. To provide Environment related data and information by website with the ultimate objective of disseminating information speedily to the users.

4. To Publishes information booklets and pamphlets in Hindi and English on topics related to control of pollution and protection of environment.

5. To Maintaining liaison with international organization/institutions for exchange of information on environment pollution & control.

6. ENVIS Publications: A quarterly Newsletter is based on control of pollution and protection of environment. At present more than 3000 copies are circulated regularly to various universities, Ministries, Scientific Departments, NGOs etc

7. Query Response Service: The Centre respond to 400 queries per year received from schools, colleges, NGO’s research scholars, media person, consultants and technical institutions, government organisations and general public in the field of air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, solid/hazardous waste, publications, consultancy and mass awareness.




1. Shri G Ganesh
Scientist 'C' & ENVIS Coordinator
Mob: +91 9213828705

2. Smt Hemlata Mishra
Information Officer

3. Shri Prem raj
IT Assistant