CPCB has directed following distilleries in Haryana to improve their existing pollution control systems:

M/s Haryana Organics, Panipat

M/s Frost Falcon Distilleries Ltd., Sonepat

M/s Haryana Distillery, Yamunanagar

M/s Ashoka Distillers & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., Faridabad

M/s Associated Distilley, Hissar

The distilleries have been directed to adopt the latest treatment technologies for treatment and disposal of the distillery effluent. The current technologies available are composting of spent wash with either bagasse/agricultural residue, or incineration of spent wash, or primary and secondary biological treatment followed by use on land for irrigation as per protocol developed by Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi. The protocol incorporates safety and monitoring protocols to prevent soil and ground water pollution. The distilleries have been directed to submit irrigation management plan for atleast 100 acres in the first phase, within six months.

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