Management Of Hazardous Waste- Guidelines For Transportation Of Hazardous Wastes


As per Hazardous Waste (Management & Handling) Rules, 1989, as amended, the requirements for hazardous waste management include proper packaging, labeling and transportation of hazardous wastes. It is the responsibility of the occupier or operator of a facility to ensure that the hazardous wastes are packaged, based on the composition in a manner suitable for handling, storage and transport. The labeling and packaging should be such that same is easily visible and able to withstand physical conditions and climate factors so that identity of waste is not lost and suitable measures can be taken up in case of spill etc. Provision of the rules under Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 are required to be complied with regarding packaging, labeling and transportation of hazardous waste.

The Central Pollution Control Board prepared draft guidelines on transportation of hazardous waste in October 2003, as a CPCB publication: HAZWAMS/23/2003 and circulated for information and consideration by all concerned. Comments/suggestions for improvement were invited from concerned organizations. Based on the comments received, the draft guidelines have been finalized in the form of the present report.

Contribution made by Dr. D.B. Boralkar, Senior Scientist, CPCB, presently on deputation as Member Secretary, Maharashtra Pollution Control Board, in preparation of the draft report is gratefully acknowledged. Dr. B. Sengupta, Member Secretary of the Central Board has given valuable input in preparation 'of the guidelines. Shri J. Chandra Babu, A.E.E., Shri N.K. Verma, Additional Director and Dr. S.P. Chakrabarti, Former Member Secretary, CPCB finalized the report.

(Dr. V. Rajagopalan)
Chairman, CPCB